Simplify the bureaucratic burden and maximize the R&D benefits

Who we are
Research Support Services Inc (RSS) is a Canadian consulting company located in British Columbia. We employ a staff of technology experts who assist clients to identify eligible SR&ED projects and who prepare science and financial reports for inclusion in a SR&ED tax claim submitted under the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Investment Tax Credit (ITC) program. Bill Robinson P.Eng, the CEO of the company, has been a SR&ED consultant since 1994.

As well as providing consulting services, RSS will provide its clients a specialized SR&ED software application called ReCap. ReCap is designed to HELP THE CUSTOMER capture detailed research and trial information in a concise and consistent manner to directly support the SR&ED claim application.

Our clients
RSS has served many clients both large and small across Canada. We have successfully assisted clients recover SR&ED benefits in many fields of technology, such as:
  • Forestry
  • Biotechnology
  • Application software
  • Food manufacturing
  • Boat manufacturing
  • Livestock
  • Farming
  • Specialty wood products
  • And other fields
What we do

Consulting Services
We provide consulting services essential for the filing of a successful SR&ED claim.

What we do:
  • We identify and define all eligible projects
  • We separate routine technical work from eligible SR&ED work
  • We complete the science report(s)
  • We prepare the financial information
  • We prepare the complete SR&ED tax claim
  • We participate in the CRA science and financial reviews

Internal Process Development
Research Support Services will help you create a simple internal SR&ED process that mimics the CRA process. It will ensure that all your eligible projects are identified, and all the requirements for a successful SR&ED ITC claim are met. We will provide periodic monitoring of your internal SR&ED program and projects to ensure compliance with CRA requirements. We will minimize the probability of unsatisfactory CRA reviews where eligible SR&ED ITC may be lost. Where applicable, we will implement a user-friendly research logbook called ReCap that will provide you the means to capture all vital scientific and accounting information for a successful SR&ED claim, with minimum administrative burden.

Research Support Services offers a flexible fee structure based on a contingency option, a per diem option, or a combination of both. These fee choices ensure that a client pays for only those services that they require for completing a successful SR&ED ITC claim.

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